Dom is a 33-year-old ex-British Army marine engineer. After 10 years of ensuring the operational readiness of military craft Dom sought a new challenge subsequently finding a boat that he has fallen for! Dom loves Chesella’s character, as much as the crews, and finds both as equally accommodating! One of Dom’s favourite past-times, quite ironically, is taking things apart and putting them back together.   


Marco is a 25-year-old South African. He has enjoyed a fantastic five years in the yachting industry, the peak of which has been aboard Chesella. Marco’s infatuation with the ocean has led him to sail all around the world as well as racing various vessels from a very young age. He is very much a water-baby and enjoys all water sports, in fact anything on the water!


Manola is a 45-year-old native Mallorcan, who has been sailing since he was a very small child. He has worked in the superyacht industry for the past twenty years. Raised on Mallorca Manola has excellent knowledge of the Balearic Islands, from idyllic beaches to concealed beauty spots. Manolo enjoys all water sports, especially wakeboarding and free diving. He also holds a jet ski instructor certificate and loves teaching people of all ages. 


Wendy has been a fantastic chef for many, many years. Originally, she trained in her home county of Yorkshire, in the UK, before moving to London and creating her own business, providing catering service for corporate and private events. Since taking a sabbatical, some twenty years ago on a private yacht, Wendy has been there ever since and moved to Mallorca herself. When out of the galley, Wendy’s favourite water sports are wake-boarding and water-skiing, mainly spectating! 




Leandra is a 24-year-old South African who studied business management, before her love for the ocean led her to pursue a career in the yachting industry. Lea joined Chesella in early 2018 where she has since strived with her level of service skills and attention to detail. In her spare time Lea enjoys yoga, running, journaling, travelling and paddle-boarding.